B  I  O

After completing his studies at Parson School of Design, NY and at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, Bates started his career as a sale associate for Salvador Dalì watercolors and prints for collectors in New York, and then as a creative director and the exhibition coordinator at Felissimo Design Museum in NYC. During these years he continued developing his individual artistic work and participated in numerous group and solo shows both in the United States and aborad. In 2009 he founded the international art collective and contemporary art agency HONEYCOMB of which he is currently the director.

Trystan lives and works between New York and Buenos Aires. He believes that art is a universal language that has the ability to communicate without the unseen borders of audio or written communication. Bates feels it is necessary to create responsibly and bring forth positive pieces that comment on the human experience, our origin, and the interconnectivity between us all. From 2014 onward his artistic efforts will be primarily focused on the development of the ongoing project "The story of this place "

T R Y S T A N    B A T E S